The Banquet of The Most Benevolent’s

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Seringkali sebuah peristiwa yang baru terjadi terlalu rumit untuk diceritakan, terlalu banyak untuk dicurahkan di atas kertas. Dengan berlalunya waktu, kisah tersebut akan terangkai kembali dalam ingatan. Mungkin agak sedikit berbeda – mungkin lebih sederhana, namun padat. Inilah adanya dengan sekelabat kisah senja Ramadhan di negeri seberang Continue reading


When the beating piece of meat embodies this shallow world

When the earth swills your tears just to be trodden on by its inhabitants

When your conduct seeks to please the mortals

Your purposes are but worldly satisfaction

When you merely stand on their countenance

When their hollow uproars define your existence

Your gaunt eyes are but hideous gleam of self-abasement

When cold dark trenches are overgrown by sky-scrappers

When daylight sky is not so much dome of life as sphere of hypocrisy

When the blinding light renders you short-sighted

The horizon is brought to you through the immense heap of layers upon your eyes

Oh, this is the world, exquisite!

You’re afraid of the dark, where everyone reveals their true faces.

— el Dokki, May 2nd 2015 —


It was a dazzling Friday morning in Minyal Gharby, Giza, when I saw the flower lady sitting there. I recalled that previous week she was also there, backing on a row of family parks by the Nile bank, smiling at me. Soon as she saw me, a welcoming smile split her face in two — or my eyes might be exaggerating for what they saw. The smile forced me to greet her with ads on instead of just saying salam.

4oba7el 5eir ya Mama. — Good Morning, Ma’m!”
4oba7el full yabni….– i forgot if she asked me the usual Egyptian things like how are you, where are you going, are you Chinese? But the next words are still lingering in Continue reading