Exploring the Hexadecimals into A New S60v3’s Face

PS: I’m no hacker, no programmer, no developer or something like that, just sharing it as good old time legacy of Symbian S60v3 UI, so please don’t moan at me if these upcoming stuffs don’t suit you, i’m just sharing what i got fully working based on my experiments.

I got two choices to modify S60v3 grid menu: 1. Using GUI (in this case is Grid Patcher — just google it), and 2. Rushing deeper into system core facing hexadecimals directly which I’m about to talk about. Things needed in the first place is a hacked device ( The following screenshots are from Nokia E63), X-plore (or other file managers which are capable of hex editing), and ROMPatcher+. Other needed stuffs are ExtendMenuGrid.rmp and JbakTaskMan, I uploaded  both of them here.

Let’s cook it!

1. Install JbakTaskMan dan copy patch ExtendMenuGrid.rmp to Continue reading

Handling Font Router LT Text Commands

Here I found some ways to customize S60v3 fonts. Some software out there will do it. Let’s say Flipfont, Font Zoomer, FontRouter. Flipfont dan Font Zoomer both provide simple GUI so that we can change fonts easily, while FontRouter provides us two choices: GUI (Font Router Manager) or directly accessing FontRouter LT text commands. I no longer have the files, so please just google it.

Let’s see how it works Continue reading